Project Launch: Telling the EHChocolatier Story

When I announced that I was retiring the Somerville Beat and launching my career as a communications consultant, I was fortunate enough to get a few clients that I knew from the work I'd been doing in Somerville. One of those was artisan confection maker EHChocolatier, who I've known since I first wrote about the company in early 2012. They were gearing up for a website design refresh and wanted new website content to complement it.

I worked them over the course of a few weeks this summer to delve into what they felt was missing from the current content and what they truly wanted to convey to their customers. We identified a few key areas of the site that needed significant re-writing and after interviewing the company's principals, I got to work.

What resulted is fresh, new content that tells the EHChocolatier story throughout the site. I'm most proud of the About page, which reveals how EHChocolatier came to be and where it's gone in its first five years of business. It's difficult to write about yourself, and nothing makes me happier than when I'm able to delve into people's stories and translate them into something that can help them grow their businesses.

Does your website content need a refresh? Does social media make you want to pull your hair out? I can help.