My Current Inspirations: A Book and Two Podcasts

As a writer, I tend to be drawn to media that it's in my medium: words. I love tucking into the Sunday New York Times and devouring The New Yorker (can't wait to read this week's Food Issue) and we have the radio in our kitchen permanently set to NPR. So when a friend turned me on to a podcast she'd been loving earlier this year, I knew I had to check it out. Podcasts seem to be having a huge resurgence right now and I'm loving it. They're perfect for putting on while attending to more rote tasks in my day or while taking a walk through crunchy fall leaves. So today I wanted to share two that I've been absolutely loving.

The first one is the aforementioned podcast that my friend shared with me. It's called The Lively Show and since learning about it several months ago, I've listened to every episode (some twice). It's hosted by Jess Lively, who runs an online course about living a life of intention. Her message appeals to me so much and no matter who her guests are, I always learn something and have a lot to ponder after each episode. I'd recommend to this to anyone, but I think it has a special appeal for women, women my age, entrepreneurs and creatives.

The second is Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons. I've been a fan of Gilbert since her Eat, Pray, Love days (and really loved The Signature of All Things), though I actually haven't even gotten my hands on her new book, Big Magic, yet. In the meantime, I've been loving her Magic Lessons podcast! It's been really great for me as I continue to evolve my career and make moves for what's next. I think anyone who enjoys creative pursuits, whether they're for work or play, will love her bite-sized bits of wisdom. They've given me a lot to think about lately. If you listen, I recommend starting with the first episode because they go in a specific order.

In addition to those two podcasts, I've been reading and enjoying Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. The book is a sort-of how to manual for writing a book and being a writer. I find so much of it to ring true, even though I've never written a book, and think it will really help me as I experiment with some other types of writing that I've only dabbled in before. It's helpful, poignant and downright funny.

What's been inspiring you lately, a podcast, article or book? I'd love to know!