Project Launch: Adding Words to Visuals

Like most people navigating our modern communications landscape, I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I’ve used it heavily for work for years and seen its power firsthand, but I also get twitchy when I’m on it for too long.

So I was intrigued when I got a Facebook message over the summer from someone I went to high school with in Orlando who wanted to work together. I hadn’t spoken to Joshua Zika in a while, but I knew he had started his own business and he knew about my shift into communications consulting.

Josh started and runs INPRNT, which has crafted gallery quality art prints since 2006. INPRNT has thousands of curated artist members and had mostly grown through word of mouth for 10 years. But Josh wanted to create a more active voice for INPRNT and he called on me to help.

I started by learning more about INPRNT through a thorough audit of all the current website content. Then I created some new pages and tweaked some of the existing pages to lay the groundwork for what would become the INPRNT voice.

INPRNT is a very visual website. The majority of the content is art in a crazy amount of genres, styles, subjects and mediums. My job was to figure out how to add words to that. On an image-heavy site like INPRNT, it’s not always obvious how, why or where to add written content. But words can be a very powerful storytelling tool when paired with the existing visuals on such a site. So we set out to combine them on a new INPRNT blog.

We launched the blog with some seasonal art posts, highlighting prints for summer and Halloween. We also introduced a new INPRNT product, art cards. And Josh’s wife, Mary Zika, who also works at INPRNT, wrote an inspired post on how to add color to your home through art.

We decided early on that we would all contribute to the blog in our own voices, which would in turn make up the INPRNT voice. This works much the same way as the visuals on the site, which are primarily made up of work by the artist members and together create a varied yet cohesive aesthetic.

This week we launched my favorite post yet, the first INPRNT Artist Spotlight. These posts evolved a lot from when we first conceived of them as basic Q&As with the INPRNT artist members. Instead of doing that, I used my journalistic skills to interview an artist to really delve into the story behind his work. Then I synthesized our conversation into a piece that was paired with incredible photos so the finished product feels rich and rounded.

I’m so proud of how the first Artist Spotlight turned out and I can’t wait to share the next one, which is already in the works!