The Write Life

I was at a party recently where people were asking me what I'm up to now, career-wise. They knew about my work with Rachel Estapa of More to Love since she was on TV and has been popping up in lots of local media outlets. But they were curious about what else is going on post-Beat.

In addition to communications consulting, I've also been doing freelance writing for a few local websites. I love the consulting work, but I don't think I could ever completely give up writing, in whatever form it takes. Since last fall I've been writing for Mommy Poppins Boston, an incredible resource for local parents about what to do with kids in and around the city. And since early this year, I've been writing for Fitt Boston, a website all about health, fitness and fun, which just launched this week!

With the Beat retired for many months now, I've had a lot of time to reflect on my experience with it. While running the Beat was incredibly rewarding, fulfilling and fun, it was also all-consuming as it grew more and more popular (a good problem to have, I know). For now, it feels good to let others worry about ad sales and editorial schedules. I've been enjoying the return to just focusing on writing and building my business alongside that.

I'm also taking a class on memoir and personal essay writing. It's been really challenging and fun to write in a different style and I hope to have some of that work to share at some point. For now, you can keep up with me here or on Mommy Poppins and Fitt.