I'm a communications consultant who helps businesses, organizations and individuals grow by crafting narratives and the strategies to share them with the right audiences. My work utilizes my passion for storytelling, knack for engaging readers and eye for detail that I’ve honed in my decade-plus career in the publishing industry.

What I Do

  • Help you tell your story: Using a journalistic approach, I learn your story and help you craft it to grow your business. By developing robust web and email newsletter content that showcases who you are and what your business or organization is all about, you'll be better positioned to get noticed by customers and influencers.
  • Get social: Social media can be one of the most powerful and least expensive tools you can use to get your business noticed. Learn which social media channels are right for your business, how to use them effectively and how to measure success.
  • Blog for business: Blogging can seem overwhelming, but it's another low-cost, high-reward tool that you can use to grow your business. Learn how to start and maintain a blog that serves your business needs, keeps your website fresh and engages your audience. 
  • Get your business or organization noticed: A media relations strategy that includes eye-catching and captivating media kits will help you grow your business organically. Learn to reach the right audience through story placement in the media that makes the most sense for your business with well-written and well-timed media releases.
  • Offline networking and events: A lot can be accomplished online, but there's nothing more powerful than face-to-face interactions. Learn the organizations you should be a part of, networking opportunities to take advantage of and how to host a successful event to grow your business.
  • Speaking to small or large groups: Share the knowledge about any of these subjects with multiple people in your business or organization by holding an education session where I'll walk them through the plan you'll be executing.

Services and Capabilities

  • Website content strategy
  • Website content creation
  • Email newsletter strategy
  • Email newsletter content creation
  • Blogging strategy
  • Blog content creation
  • Social media strategy
  • Website, newsletter and social media analytics
  • Media relations strategy
  • Offline networking and events
  • Speaking to small or large groups


If you're interested in my helping you grow your business or organization, send me an email.We'll set up a free one hour initial consultation after which I'll create a proposal for your project. We'll review the proposal together, drafting a scope of work that will inform the project. After we settle on the terms, we can get to work!

Selected Clients

Hire me to help you grow your business or organization!

Why I Do It

I started The Somerville Beat, a local online magazine, in 2012 to cover the burgeoning creative, cultural scene in my city. I built it from the ground up by telling stories, building relationships and engaging with the community. Through my work I began to see a need among small businesses and organizations for guidance in crafting their stories and spreading the word about what they were doing.

They knew how to bake the most delicious pastries, design the most innovative solutions and craft the most exquisite jewelry, but many didn't know how to share those skills with the world. Their websites were lacking relevant information, their social media accounts were dormant and they had no idea how to start a blog. Without these tools, they were unable to share their craft with the right audiences, limiting their reach and leaving money on the table.

That's where I come in.

After writing about small businesses for more than three years and being an entrepreneur myself, I have a unique insight to the strengths and challenges they face. Having grown the Somerville Beat from a hobby blog to a very popular local media outlet through robust content development and distribution, I know firsthand how powerful these tools can be. Now I want to apply those same strategies to your project to help your business grow and succeed.

Hire me to help you grow your business or organization!